How to Use the WiFi Speed Test From Windstream

The WiFi Speed Test is a good way to ensure that your wireless network is up and running before you begin surfing the internet. If your wireless connection stops working there is a good chance that you are going to have to make some repairs on your part. In this article we will be going over how to use the WiFi Speed Test from your Windstream internet.

wifi speed test windstream

First you will need to turn on the WiFi on the computer that you are using. You will need to connect to the WiFi network on the computer with a computer that is on the same network. You can then go to the Wifi Speed Test and set the mode to “Manual” to let the program do it’s work. This will allow you to see which speed you are using and how many clients you have connected. Next you will need to go to the Internet Options on the computer that you are using and set the Internet Speed to High. This is going to allow the WiFi to send as much data to your computer as possible. You will then need to set the speed to High on both the laptop and the desktop.

Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to see how many clients are connected and the WiFi speed that you are using. You can also see if there are any known issues that are causing the problems. For example the Wifi could be busy or it might be on the wrong network. These are things that can cause you to not be able to connect to a site. In addition to the WiFi Speed Test from Windstream you will be able to check your connection with other tools that can give you an idea of what your connection is like. If you don’t have the WiFi Speed Test from Windstream you can get it from a third party website and use it to see how fast your connection is.