It was terrible: Maribel Guardia retracts and stops ‘defending’ Eleazar Gomez after being arrested for gender violence

Maribel Guardia unleashed controversy on social networks, after she classified Eleazar Gomez as someone sweet and kind, this after she was arrested for hitting and trying to strangle her partner Stephanie Valenzuela. And it is that what was declared by the famous was taken as a justification for the aggressor and revictimization of the attacked woman, which is why later Maribel decided to upload a video on her social networks to position herself against violence against women. Read the latest Celebrity, business articles On

At first, Maribel Guardia was incredulous at the violence of Eleazar Gómez and said that for her the actor was a loving person: “I would like to see the tests first, I know Eleazar and he is a super sweet, kind, affectionate boy. It’s hard for me to believe that something like this happened, ” said Maribel Guardia before the cameras of journalist Eden Dorantes.

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