Purple Drank – The Drink That Made the Hip Hop Music Scene

Purple drank, also called lean or blue drank, is an illegal drug beverage, usually prepared by mixing hard candy with a sweet drink and prescription-grade cough syrups. This concoction originally came from Houston, Texas, and now is increasingly popular in urban hip hop circles or those that live in the south. The combination is often made with crack cocaine. The drink has a strong taste that many people do not prefer.

purple drank lean

In the days before the availability of cough syrups, purple drank lean was made using hard candy that was wrapped in small packages with a syrupy substance that could be made out of any candy. If the person taking the drink did not like the taste of the syrupy substance they would pop it open in order to take it away, spitting it back out as soon as it left the mouth.

People can buy purple drank on the street from drug dealers or from someone that wants to sell them. It is also available from online drugstores and sometimes through online mail order. There are many different brands and colors of purple drank and they all differ in taste. Some people will drink the drink for the taste alone and others will drink it because of the syrupy texture or color.

Some people use this drink as a method of relieving pain or anxiety. This can include anyone who experiences panic attacks, feelings of discomfort, or a general feeling of being ill. They will mix it with another drink in order to relax. Many people claim that there is no real reason for doing this but some people do think that the combination will help to relieve the symptoms of an anxiety attack. There are also reports that people have used the mixture to relieve the pain of an asthma attack.

There are also reports that purple drank has been mixed with hard candy to make an alcoholic drink. This drink was used by the hippies in the sixties as a way of getting high or staying high. When mixed with alcohol, it has the same effect that alcohol has but without the negative side effects.

Purple drank has become extremely popular in recent years. There is also more information on the internet about the beverage than there ever was before about it.

There are many reasons why you might want to drink purple drank. Perhaps you are suffering from an allergy or maybe you have a medical condition that makes you crave a certain type of drink. Whatever the case may be you can feel safe drinking this drink because it does not contain any harmful ingredients. There are no known side effects to mixing this drink with other drinks and it is not addictive.

Lean is a great drink and people are drinking it on a daily basis. It is not as widely sold as cough syrup and is not as easily found on grocery shelves. However, if you are looking for something that is easy to get hold of then try lean. this drink is it.

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