Three Things to Consider About a Dog Crate Cover

If your pet dog has a habit of digging in his or her dog crate to get to the “traction” that is needed to relieve themselves, then you will want to buy a waterproof dog crate covers for winter months. Winter weather in the Deep South can make your kennel and yard extremely uncomfortable due to the extreme temperatures. In some cases the weather may even be colder than outside. A heavy snowstorm may bury your kennel completely. A dog that is forced to stay inside all through the winter will likely have to have an indoor kennel cover. The cover should provide protection from cold and wet conditions as well as allowing your dog some exercise time.

Another benefit of these dog crate covers for winter is that they keep your lab cozy. If you have a pet dog that is used to being closed up in a crate during the day, then going in to their dog crate during the evening may cause them to feel very uncomfortable. This could mean that you have to roll the door to let them in or you may need to leave them in the car. Some animals may be even less willing to go back into their dog crate if they are cold or too cold.

Most dog crate covers for winter comes with extra padding so that the animal is comfortable and warm. The extra padding is in the form of fleece which is very lightweight but insulating at the same time. These covers will keep your pet from chafing on the fleece and it’s very easy to remove the cover when you are not using it.

Some people like to use their dog crate covers for travel and winter fun. One great thing about having an extra blanket on hand is that your dog will still have their comfort. This is not true when you take the blanket off of the crate. If you leave the blanket in the crate for any length of time, you can potentially cause your dog to get sick. A blanket will help to keep them warm, but if you don’t have one they will have to substitute comfort to eating, which could result in them not getting enough nutrition.

There are several types of dog crate covers that you can get for winter. One is a waterproof/breathable fabric that is similar to what you would use for a baby’s crib. This is very easy to clean as all that needs to be done is to throw the cover into the wash machine. When it comes to ventilation, you will have two different options. Ventilation can come from either side of the fabric or from the bottom, which is normally called the “Breathable Side.”

Another type of dog crate covers for winter is a mesh cover. It has mesh sides that are sealed with vinyl so that air can flow through and stay out of your dog’s mouth. Some of these covers have straps on the sides that hold them onto your dog’s body. Mesh covers also give the lab a nice place to chew on their toys and have some ventilation.

The last type of dog crate covers that we are going to discuss are the velour ones. They are made out of a soft plush material that allows your dog to breathe. They also have a Velcro strap on the bottom so that the cover can be easily removed. Because they are so comfortable and easy to clean, they are the best choice for dogs who like to snuggle up.

So there you have it. Now that you know the three main types of waterproof dog crate covers for winter, you have all of your options available. Do you have a lab? If so, you might want to consider a mesh cover. If you don’t, maybe you would like a velour one, but either way, you will find one that will work with your dog.

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