What is Nutmeg

Nutmeg, (Myristica fragrans) evergreen tree. The tree is local to the Moluccas, or Spice Islands, of Indonesia and is mainly developed there and in the West Indies. The zest nutmeg has a particular sharp scent and a warm marginally sweet taste; it is utilized to enhance numerous sorts of prepared products, sugary treats, puddings, potatoes, meats, frankfurters, sauces, vegetables, and such drinks as eggnog. The plump arils encompassing the nutmeg seed are the wellspring of the flavor mace.
Generally, ground nutmeg was utilized as a sachet, and the Romans utilized it as incense. Around 1600 it got significant as a costly business flavor in the Western world and was the subject of Dutch plots to keep costs high and of English and French counterplots to get ripe seeds for transplantation. The nutmegs sold entirely were dunked in lime to forestall their growth. Nutmeg trees may arrive at a stature of around 20 meters (65 feet). They yield natural product eight years subsequent to planting, arrive at their prime in 25 years, and prove to be fruitful for a very long time or more.
Nutmeg is used in many cooking recipes. In order to gain access to the unique health benefits of nutmeg, you have to be able to view it from a scientific viewpoint. Nutmeg is beneficial for nausea, asthma, chronic fatigue, reduce wrinkles on the face, helps fight acne, and may even lead to sexual enhancement.

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